Dextrin for Paper Core & Tubes (Hot Process)

Features of grodex

  • Good Green Tack.
  • Quick Setting & Shorter Drying
  • Easy Cleaning.
  • High Dynamic Strength.
  • High Crush Values.
  • Reduction in Dimension Variability

Dextrin for Paper Tubes & Paper Core

grodex® Dextrin based powder adhesives for paper core and tubes are made from finest quality Tapioca and Maize Starch. Hydrolysis of starch is done at very controlled temperatures with acids and enzymes and later blended with additives to obtain better tack, stability, faster drying and strength.

Compared to other raw materials based adhesives, dextrin based glue formulation results in high crush values and good dynamic properties.

Dextrin for Paper Tubes & Paper Core


In tube winding grodex contribute good dynamic tube strength to paper mill cores that have to cope with high unwinding speeds and increasing weight.The high dry-solids content of our adhesives ensures fast setting, rapid drying of tubes, and solves problems with dimension variability.

grodex offers Tapioca/Maize Dextrin based adhesive formulations for textile ( POY /DTY) tubes and other heavy cores. Depending upon the application one can choose the solids from 33 % to 60%. The viscosity of the product is machine speed dependent and can be maintained at a constant level.

Multiple layers of adhesive coated Kraft Paper strips are wound on the mandrel continuously to produce the paper tube and cores. Paper Tube formations need high tack and very quick setting properties. Yellow dextrin based adhesive formulations are generally used for this application. Complete lamination of Paper to paper is critical in achieving potential compression strength.

Using grodex dextrin glue formulations amongst the highest dry solids are possible, which ensures quick drying of especially thick wall cores. It prevents bending of large cores that can be seen with glues of low dry solids.grodex dextrin based adhesive brings less water to the paper core, less water to evaporate in storage, is less time needed to store/dry.

Reduction of cost is achieved when the drying time of tubes is shortened. Shorter drying means shorter storage time and less occupation of storage capacity. It means faster response to customer needs and higher flexibility

The way to reduce drying time is minimizing the initial moisture content of produced cores. The uptake of liquid glue is 35-40 g/m2 for an grodex based adhesive. For other adhesives, with lower solid percent and cheaper quality starch base, dry solids can be up to 65 g/m2. This increases the moisture content by 6 to 10% and this water must evaporate to obtain a rigid tubes. To reduce the moisture addition from the glue a high dry solid grodex based adhesives is the optimum solution.


All above information is based on findings in our laboratory and results may vary at the actual floor level at the time of its consumption, depending upon hardness of water, heat and humidity in the atmosphere, cleanliness of the gum vessel, gum trey and gum roller.

High Strength formulation modified Starch and Dextrin

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