grodex PC 50 - MODIFIED Tapioca Starch & Corn starch For Paper Cones

grodex PC 50 Specifications

APPLICATION Cold Process Two Pack Modified starch for making paper cones on automatic high speed machines.
BASE MODIFIED Tapioca Starch & Corn starch (Vegetable Base).

Powder - Off white to yellowish.

Liquid Gum - Shinning Yellowish.

VISCOSITY Viscosity to be checked on Ford Cup No. 4 –

(50Kg Bag) 1: 7 water mixing ratio Visc. 40 to 50, solids 13 %Bag size, water mixing ratio, viscosity and solids can be altered to suit specific requirement of customers.

PH 12 (Alkaline)
SHELF LIFE Shelf Life of Powder is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
POT LIFE Pot Life of Gum is 36 hours if kept hygienically.

Preservatives have already been added to grodex PC50 and therefore do not add any preservatives in it. Addition of preservatives may reduce viscosity and adhesion of the liquid gum


The product has been given anti fungus treatment in the manufacturing process itself and therefore actual users are requested not to add any Anti Fungus Chemicals to it. Such addition may reduce viscosity and Pin Adhesion of the gum.


First take entire 350 Liters of water in a vessel mounted by High speed stirrer.

Start stirrer and add gradual flow of grodex PC50 powder to it. Do not put entire 50 kg of powder at a time to avoid lumps formation.

After adding 50 kg of grodex PC50 powder in to the water make sure that there is no lumps formation and entire powder isdissolved in to water. Continue stirring Unless liquid changes its colour to shining Yellow.

Continuestirring for at least 25 to 30 minutes to get maximum solids percentand desired 40 to 50 sec viscosity. Ensure viscosity on B-4 cup. Check Solids.


grodex PC gives additional crushing strength to the cone.


All above information is based on findings in our laboratory and results may vary at the actual floor level at the time of its consumption, depending upon hardness of water, heat and humidity in the atmosphere, cleanliness of the gum vessel, gum trey and gum roller.


grodex PC 50 Water Ratio/Solids

Available in different water mixing ratio as per solids requirement of customers-

Water Mixing Ratio Solids
1.4 20%
1.5 17%
1.6 15%
1.7 13%

High Strength formulation modified Starch and Dextrin

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