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Grodex TiO PS

This is chemical based (three pack system) gum for pasting of corrugated sheets.It can be used for corrugation process during immergencies.that is why it is called TiO (Two In One).

Grodex TiO PS Specifications

APPLICATION Cold Process Pasting. (Can also be used for Corrugation).
BASE MODIFIED Tapioca Starch & Corn starch (Vegetable Base) with Chemical starter. (Two pack system ).

Powder - Off white to yellowish.

Liquid Gum - Shinning Reddish Brown.

VISCOSITY Viscosity to be checked on Ford Cup No. 4 –

(40 Kg Bag) 1: 4 water mixing ratio Visc. 30 to 35, solids 20 %

(35 Kg Bag) 1: 5 water mixing ratio Visc. 30 to 35, solids 17 %

(30 Kg Bag) 1: 6 water mixing ratio Visc. 30 to 35,solids 14.5%

PH 12 (Alkaline)
SHELF LIFE Shelf Life of Powder is 3 months from the date of manufacturing.
POT LIFE Pot Life of Gum is 72 hours if kept hygienically.

Preservatives have already been added to grodex TiO and therefore do not add any preservatives in it. Addition of preservatives may reduce viscosity and adhesion of the liquid gum.


The product has been given anti fungus treatment in the manufacturing process itself and therefore actual users are requested not to add any Anti Fungus Chemicals to it.

Such addition may reduce viscosity and Pin Adhesion of the gum.


First take entire 4/5/6 units of water in a vessel mounted by High speed stirrer. Start stirrer and add gradual flow of grodex TiO powder to it.

Do not put entire 1 unit of powder at a time to avoid lumps formation. After putting 1 unit of pasting powder in to the water,make sure that there is no lumps formation and entire powder hasbeen dissolved in to water. You will get a Milky white solution from it.

Take 5 Ltrs of Water in a bucket and add entire starter chemical packet in it. Dissolve it completely in water. Add that starter mixed 5 Ltr Water in the milky white solution slowly. Continue stirring unless liquid changes its color to shining Radish Brown

Continue stirring for at least 25 to 30 minutes to get maximum solids percent and desired 30 to 35 sec viscosity. Ensure viscosity on B-4 cup as 30 to 35 seconds. Check Solids.


For faster drying / curing of sheets, Low warpage, more B/S,More compression and better feel to bare hands, etc. always prefer To work with high solids and low viscosity.


grodex TiO gives additional bursting and compression to the sheet.


All above information is based on findings in our laboratory and results may vary at the actual floor level at the time of its consumption, depending upon hardness of water, heat and humidity in the atmosphere, cleanliness of the gum vessel, gum trey and gum roller.

Grodex Pasting Powder (Cold Process)

Product Grade Packing Base Water Mix Ratio Solids Viscosity(+-5) PH
grodex Tio ps 25kg 25kg Maize & Tapioca 1:7 12.5% 25 sec 12
grodex Tio ps 30kg Maize & Tapioca 1:6 14.5% 25 sec 12
grodex Tio ps 35kg Maize & Tapioca 1:5 16.5% 25 sec 12
grodex Tio ps 40kg Tapioca 1:4 20% 25 sec 12

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corrugated paper box is used mainly for shipping / transportation and storage of variety of items for their strength and durability. In the process of making box mainly paper and gum adhesives are major players which determine strength of the box. More moisture in the box will cause lower compression strength of the box. Lower compression causes collapse of stacked boxes and thus damage to the goods packed inside.

So control of moisture in corrugated box means controlling moisture in paper and in gum adhesives used in box making.

1.Controlled moisture in paper.

The major component of paper, cellulose fiber, is hygroscopic in nature and therefore tends to absorb moisture from a damp or humid atmosphere or release moisture in dry atmosphere. When paper gains moisture corrugated box loses its bursting strength (BS) and compression strength (CS) and when it loses moisture corrugated box develops the cracking or board breaking problem.

To avoid this cracking of corrugated sheets use of sprayer to spray water onto base paper, changing of machine speed and adjustment of the flexible paper-lead roller to cut preheat area are required. Avoid exposure of paper reels in open sun heat which will bring down paper moisture substantially to cause cracking of corrugated sheets at the end.

To overcome excess moisture in corrugated board use of correct paper cob, changing machine speed, use of preheaters etc. are some of the solutions.

2. Moisture control through gum adhesives

Gum adhesives play major role in avoiding excess moisture in corrugated box. Type and quality of starch used in adhesives, type of fillers used, modifications to starch and chemicals used in the gum adhesives are major players in causing excess moisture in corrugated board.

a) Gel temperature of gum is important in automated plants and in single face. High pin adhesion at low temperature gives complete dry liners and board. If gum fails to get gelatinized immediately when it reaches heaters at the set speed of machine, it fails to develop stronger bond adhesion and develops the tendency of gaining moisture from atmosphere in later stage even after complete drying.

b) Type of starch used and specific modification to starch to develop moisture resistance are very important factors. Usually hydrolysis of starch with the use of acid and then use of strong alkali to get viscous gum is a common product which is available in the market. These type of adhesives are bound to gain moisture in damp atmosphere and humid climatic conditions. Special modification treatment to high quality starch to develop moisture resistance is required.

c) Different fillers are used in gum adhesive making to bring down cost and make our adhesives cheaper in the market of competition. Very low cost fillers such as different flours, clay, Urea etc. are used which pay no role in gum quality than reducing price substantially. Flour, clay or urea are more of hygroscopic in nature and cause more and more moisture gain whenever gets opportunity.

d) Chemicals used in gum adhesives such as Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) is highly hygroscopic and not only absorbs moisture but carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide in the air. It is also highly deliquescent and absorbs moisture to form an aqueous solution. More moisture means lesser bursting and compression strength which results in collapse of stacked boxes.

Grodex Moisture Resistant Powder adhesives are made of finest quality of different types of starch. A unique modification process with the state of art technology develops complete moisture resistance in adhesives. These products are not only Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) free but no other chemical is used in it make it eco and worker friendly. These are proved adhesives for moisture resistance all over the world over past several years for guaranteed moisture resistance and control in corrugated paper board industry. Use of these adhesives will solve not only your moisture problems but will provide you totally new thinking line of grabbing huge hidden profits from your box in a very competitive market.

Powder Adhesives For Corrugated Paper Boards