grodex DYS For Dyes And Printing Inks

grodex DYS For Dyes And Printing Inks

grodex DYS helps to increase viscosity by "retrogradation" whereby the starch molecules form intermolecular associations. As such, the viscosity of the ink will depend mainly on the amount and type of grodex DYS used in the ink formula.

In addition, the grodex DYS may be cross-linked by different cross-linking agents to improve the water resistance of the ink

grodex DYS is high molecular weight starch derived from an abundance of corn, potatoes, maize, rice and tapioca; also included are starch degradation products such as dextrin, thin boiling starches, malto dextrins and polysaccharides such as polymers of sugar.

The amount of high molecular weight starch to be used is about 10 to 15 wt. %, based on the total weight % of the composition, although higher or lower amounts may also be applicable in some compositions

Starch For Dyes And Printing Inks


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